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The Seafood Shack Wins The Jane Grigson Trust Award 2020

Huge congratulations to Kirsty Scobie and Fenella Renwick who have scooped the Jane Grigson Trust Award for their first book, The Seafood Shack (pub Nov 2020).Now in its fifth year, the £2000 Jane Grigson Trust Award, created in memory of the distinguished British food writer Jane Grigson, is made to a first-time writer of a […]

Ghillie Basan: a chat and a dram with the Queen of Spice

We sent out our intrepid intern Nicola Torch to find out a little more about Ghillie Basan and the background to her new book, Spirit & Spice. In Spirit & Spice, you talk about growing up in Kenya and then travelling around India, America and Turkey. What is it about the remote Scottish hills that […]

Gözleme on a Wok: from Spirit and Spice by Ghillie Basan

Get inspired by Ghillie Basan and get outside to make these delicious gözleme, which are at their best cooked on an upside-down wok over a camp fire. Gözleme on a Wok from Spirit & Spice by Ghillie Basan Makes 4–6 Gözleme are Anatolian flat breads, often rolled out to the size of a bicycle wheel […]

Ghillie Basan’s Vietnamese Tofu

A delicious and quick snack from Ghillie Basan‘s new book Spirit & Spice. And it goes perfectly with a dram! Vietnamese Tofu with Turmeric and Lemongrass Serves 4 as a snack Tofu tends to be one of those love-it-or-hate-it ingredients because it can be very bland, but over the years I have managed to convert […]

Lentil Soup

Check out Fraser Reid’s classic Lentil Soup recipe, from his upcoming book Seasonal Soups: ‘This is the first soup bag we ever sold, and it’s still the most daunting. How can you tell people how to make lentil soup?! We find that grating the vegetables gives a lovely texture to the soup and saves hacking […]

You’ve read the book, now buy the artwork

We have many favourite things about the Brick Lane Cookbook. But high on the list is Wantsome Studio‘s awesome original artwork so we are delighted to announce that you can now buy a super-limited edition print of his Brick Lane graffiti illustration. Archival digital Giclée prints. Available in A2 and A3 size. Signed and stamped by the […]


Chanachur (or what to eat when you feel like celebrating)

    Chanachur (Bombay Mix with Onions, Chillies and Lemon) by Dina Begum Serves 6 V Boishaki Mela is a festival which welcomes the Bengali New Year, and it weaves through Brick Lane every year with elaborate processions, music and dance. There’s something magical about public celebrations where everyone is welcome to join in. Street […]

Dina Begum: Putting Brick Lane On Your Plate

For an introduction to the many pleasures of Brick Lane, you can’t be in safer hands than Dina Begum’s, the author of our next book – Brick Lane Cookbook. ‘When I think about Brick Lane I think about food. I go into one of those daydreams only a seasoned glutton can imagine, scanning mental images […]



From The Mountain Cafe Cookbook by Kirsten Gilmour Serves 4 This recipe for pancakes is a cafe classic and was originally my nana’s pikelet recipe, which I think she adapted from a copy of her mother’s Edmonds Cookery Book. I loved making these with her. She would stand and supervise while I stood on a […]


Butternut Chorizo and Sage Soup

From The Mountain Cafe Cookbook by Kirsten Gilmour Dairy free Serves 4-6 An autumnal butt-kicking, tummy-warming, filling soup for the colder months. If you want to make this veggie-friendly or don’t want to use chorizo then some chopped red peppers make a good alternative. Chorizo quite often has gluten in it – check the ingredients […]