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Chanachur in a Lady Di cone

Chanachur (or what to eat when you feel like celebrating)

    Chanachur (Bombay Mix with Onions, Chillies and Lemon) by Dina Begum Serves 6 V Boishaki Mela is a festival which welcomes the Bengali New Year, and it weaves through Brick Lane every year with elaborate processions,…
brick lane street sign

Dina Begum: Putting Brick Lane On Your Plate

For an introduction to the many pleasures of Brick Lane, you can't be in safer hands than Dina Begum's, the author of our next book - Brick Lane Cookbook. 'When I think about Brick Lane I think about food. I go into one of those daydreams…
making pancakes


From The Mountain Cafe Cookbook by Kirsten Gilmour Serves 4 This recipe for pancakes is a cafe classic and was originally my nana’s pikelet recipe, which I think she adapted from a copy of her mother’s Edmonds Cookery Book.…

Butternut Chorizo and Sage Soup

From The Mountain Cafe Cookbook by Kirsten Gilmour Dairy free Serves 4-6 An autumnal butt-kicking, tummy-warming, filling soup for the colder months. If you want to make this veggie-friendly or don’t want to use chorizo then some…

Greenwich Market Cookbook video: Meet the traders!

Thanks to the Evening Standard for this nice little Greenwich Market Cookbook video: You can buy it right here, priced £15.99 + free p&p in the UK.
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Vietnamese Pancakes

It being pancake day and all, let us introduce you to the glory that is Vietnamese Pancakes. Tran from the Bánh Mì NêN stall at Greenwich Market gave us this recipe for The Greenwich Market Cookbook, and it is not only absolutely delicious…

Coming soon…. The Greenwich Market Cookbook!

We've been, happily, spending a lot of time at Greenwich Market over the last 18 months, working on The Greenwich Market Cookbook. For a market with such a huge footfall (around 8 million people last year), Greenwich still feels like a bit of…
Sweet Potato Pie

Sarah Savoy’s Sweet Potato Pie

A week or so ago, I was reminded about this glorious Sweet Potato Pie recipe when the designer who worked on the Savoy Kitchen book posted some pictures on Facebook of his annual crayfish boil. He finished it off with a perfect looking pie,…
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La-Mian: A Noodle Story

It's been incredibly exciting seeing the recipes coming in from traders for the Greenwich Market Cookbook, everything from Arapina's wonderful Greek biscuits and pastries, delicate & fragrant & redolent with her family's history…
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Digital Soup

Please excuse the recent radio silence, but we've been very busy. Some great new projects are bubbling under, our mailbox is full of recipes from Greenwich Market (in English, Mandarin and Italian), and we've been working away on our first eBook…

Gateau de Sirop for International Restaurant Day

It's International Restaurant Day tomorrow - a great idea from Finland encouraging people to set up restaurants for a day, anywhere, for fun. The idea of the day, according to the website, is "to have fun, share new food experiences and enjoy…

Autumn Plenty

After a great summer working holiday hours, KP is hitting autumn with a roster of great new projects. First, we have a lovely little soup book that we've been pestering the author about for some time. Fraser's Fruit & Veg is a little…

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