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Congratulations to Brixton's Miss South

A massive congratulations to Miss South, joint winner of the Food Writing category at the Young British Foodies Awards 2013 last night! She's the co-founder and lead author on the Top 20 UK food blog North/South Food, food editor at the…
The Savoy Kitchen front cover book artwork

Unveiling the cover for The Savoy Kitchen - A Family History of Cajun Food

We're excited to unveil the cover for our next book, 'The Savoy Kitchen - A Family History of Cajun Food', and it's ace! Lovingly shot and designed by Joby Catto at Anti Limited, it sums up Sarah and the Savoy family in one still life photograph. There's…
Savoy Kitchen promo postcard

Coming soon - The Savoy Kitchen - A Family History of Cajun Food by Sarah Savoy

We've been working hard on a great new project, due to hit the shops in October 2013. Check out The Savoy Kitchen - A Family History of Cajun Food by Sarah Savoy, the self-proclaimed Queen of white Cajun trash and the latest in a long line of…
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Cookie Cooks launch party - Cookie Cabaret!

We're really excited about our latest title, Cookie Cooks, which was launched at Glasgow's Aye Write! Book Festival on April 12. There was an amazing lineup for the Cookie Cabaret; fantastic food and wine from Cookie, music from Admiral Fallow,…
Cookie Cooks postcards
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Coming soon - Cookie Cooks by Melanie McCallum and Domenico Del Priore

The postcards have been out in the wild for some time (see above, lurking behind a bottle of Cookie's own wine in the restaurant) but now we've had out first copies of the actual book back from the printer, and they look great. We're all geared…
Cookie Cooks invite launch
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Tickets on sale now for the launch of 'Cookie Cooks'

It's official… the Cookie Cabaret is coming! We're launching Cookie Cooks at Glasgow's Aye Write book festival next month. To celebrate the opening of Aye Write! we're throwing a party.  The Cabaret is a taster of the literary talent appearing…

Cacio e Pepe - from Cookie Cooks

This is Italian cooking at its best. It’s basically pasta with cheese (ideally made from sheep’s milk) and black pepper. It’s a deceptively simple-sounding Roman dish, but the secret is all in the technique; you can search Youtube…

Acqua Pazza Crazy Water Fish - from Cookie Cooks

Crazy water, or ‘acqua pazza’, is a way of poaching fish. It has its origins on the west coast of Italy and has become well-known in holiday destinations such as Capri and Ponza. This is poached fish with flavour. It is an incredibly easy…

Cookie Limoncello - from Cookie Cooks

Limoncello, the delicious after-dinner digestif, is really easy to make. In Italy we can buy 95% alcohol specifically to make liqueurs, but this isn’t an option in the UK so just use the strongest vodka you can find. We use our own, unwaxed…

Walnut Pesto - from Cookie Cooks

With their wonderful, almost meaty flavour, walnuts are my favourite nut. I truly think they go well with everything. We have some really productive trees in Italy, and if Domenico hasn’t stripped them to make his walnut liqueur, then…
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Lemon Curd - from The Parlour Cafe Cookbook

Amazing with our meringues, also good added to granola and yoghurt, spread on a warm scone or simply eaten on its own with a spoon... Ingredients 4 egg yolks 150g caster sugar 60g unsalted butter, cut into 1cm cubes 100ml lemon…
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Jeffery Deaver's Short Ribs - The Killer Cookbook

Don't you just love bones? I know I do. The shape, the feel… the sound! So much fun. And, guess what? You can also find them in some very tasty recipes. Here is one of my favourites.  Short Ribs Serves 4 Ingredients 1.8 kg beef…

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