Fraser’s Seasonal Soups

by Fraser Reid

Illustrations by Jen Collins


Fraser Reid is a greengrocer with a mission: to get people cooking with fresh, interesting local produce. The soup bags from his Dundee shop, Fraser’s Fruit & Veg, have been hot sellers to everyone from students to seasoned cooks and now he’s pulled together 52 of his best-loved recipes for this great little book.

He dreamt up the soup-bag concept with a arts centre colleague, years before he opened up his shop. Their dream was pretty simple – to open a local shop which would also create recipes for soup and supply customers with everything they needed to make it, encouraging them to try out new flavours and ingredients and making it easy to cook at home. Now the soup bags make up part of a flourishing business, and Fraser admits he’s become obsessed, constantly thinking, ‘could the meal I ate be turned into a soup?’

Fraser’s Seasonal Soups contains 52 lip-smacking, delicious recipes with tips and variations to inspire you to make soup for every season. From Alternative Scotch Broth to Persian Root & Fruit, it’s your seasonal guide and soup bible for simple, healthy and cost-effective meals.